What’s in a Line ?

Sending so much love with this page. In communicating in this type of field, it can be challenging to hold energy & spaciousness with intention, as our Shadows will innocently reveal our frequency bandwidth even as our Gifts are illuminated some times in a multidimensional way.

The 1st Line will be very direct and insecure…
The 2nd Line will blame & deny or explode into outrageous anger,
The 3rd Line will avoid commitment
The 4th Line will be cruel and cold shutting down it’s heart;
The 5th will distort / impose guilt and story make, getting stuck in its delusion ;
The 6th Line will remain Aloof or Judge; in boredom checking out…

There is an art and a delicacy to engaging diplomatically as these Shadows expose and confront themselves, within us, with one another…

This is the unfolding brilliance that is within the Venus Sequence material. as that sequence holds so much insight and inner work within the Gene Keys.

The Line Language flavors the Gene Key…so if you are inclined ~ play with these from a gentle place within.

New frameworks of communication open up to us as we own our Shadow Talk, in this world of quickened technology it is can be challenging to slow down the response time as we consciously work with unwinding the shadow frequency.

Remedies: 1st Line ~ be kind
2nd Line ~ relax
3rd Line ~ laugh
4th Line ~ soften
5th Line ~ surrender your story
6th Line ~ include yourselfthe Call

Golden Thread

January 2018 has arrived, my site here has been in a holding space, deep in the dark, like Venus on her underground tour when she is in her hidden phases.

Venus orbits in her own mysterious way around our earthly sphere, she can be astronomically “tracked” yet in her clever way, her flow is natural in seemingly geometric anomaly.

Our inner worlds can also feel like they have no rhyme or reason, yet at the end of cycle of time we can see the beauty and perfection of the dance of our engagements.


Welcome to the Venus Sequence

The Swan, the personal bird of Venus, Goddess of Love, represents ‘the living manifestation of light itself’ and the balance of opposing forces. The movement of these fixed stars reflects earlier themes of taking responsibility at soul level. And Uranus is the planet that awakens us to who and what we truly are — sometimes rudely!

Venus, Goddess of Love …..waiting to flourish your life with abundant gifts of delight and ease,